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KPTools, Inc. creates cost effective, easy to use software tools that save users time and money. Our patented Knowlepedium® research tool can reduce research costs by 25% or more. Our FERRET® document management tools are cost effective discovery document management tools that modern litigation demands but that won't cost a fortune to buy or use. ...
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Litigators need a good, comprehensive document management tool designed for discovery production needs, not an add-on to a product that was never meant to handle discovery document management.  Litigators need the FERRET® document management tool to help manage and automate discovery.


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Professional Specialty Software



KPTools Provides Research And Document Management Tools For The Legal Profession ... And Others.

The Knowlepedium(R) research tools allow users to capture case law, statutes, web pages, and other "authorities" for later use such as when writing briefs or answering legal questions for clients.  Multiple user defined categories may be associated with each authority and/or independently with each user created summary.  This makes it easier to find cases, statutes, web pages, articles and the like that were associated with a client, with a general topic, or both.

In the PRO and SQL versions, the Knowlepedium(R) research tool's captured authorities can be shared with others in the office.  Find it once ... keep it forever!  The Knowlepedium(R) research tool saves time and money.


Litigation Tools

Electronic discovery is expensive, time consuming, and absolutely part of today's litigation reality. FERRET® is a document management tool specifically designed to make management of electronic documents manageable. It is not web-based and gives you full control over the discovery process.  FERRET® ... find it, manage it, use it.

Electronic discovery is now mandated in many jurisdictions.  Lawyers are having to manage tens of thousands of electronic files in numerous formats.  It's time consuming and expensive and handled with web-based outside services or file tools that were never really designed to manage document discovery.  Until now. 

FERRET® document management allows the litigator -- solo through large firm -- to import and manage electronic files for discovery and automate the document discovery process.  FERRET is not web-based.  It can be used to manage requests for production (requestor and producer).  It can also be used to find and manage supporting documents for motions and other proceedings. 

FERRET® document management helps: * Eliminate duplicates.  * Categorize and assign protection levels.  * Summarize and keep notes.  * Associate electronic files with one or more requests for production or other production disclosures.  * Track files by receipt date, production date, relevance, and privilege.  * Search for documents by using the file's text content, file name, user created subject, user created description, user created groups, and/or user created categories. 

FERRET® document management does all of this for less than most online services charge to merely import the files for you.  Save time and money with FERRET ... find it, manage it, use it. 

FERRET® has the following features (subject to change):


  • import/store/manage files including scanned PDF and TIFF document images
  • review files in their native formatting on screen (including metadata)
  • file finder including full-text search and user created/managed categories and groups
  • production request manager (requests for production, initial disclosures, user created requests)
  • file production tracking, including dates sent/received/due
  • automate document requests, responses, and tracking of files associated with each request/response


Firefly 1633 Software

Compliance Tools

Firefly Mattress Flammability Record Keeping Software - Consumer Products Safety Comission - CPSC 16 CFR 1633

Firefly™ Record keeping Software is a Windows based relational database system that handles all of your CPSC1633 record keeping requirements.

Unlike other systems that are collections of simple spreadsheets and forms, Firefly™ is an easy-to-use, menu driven system that keeps track of production runs, quality assurance inspections, materials receiving, prototypes, reporting and more - all with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Firefly™ is a Fully Relational Database Application, not just a collection of spread sheets and simple forms, that allows its users to maintain their records on their computers at their location. Firefly™ facilitates all aspects of the CPSC 1633 record keeping process.

Firefly™ can be configured by the user for minimal or comprehensive record keeping. With a few simple keystrokes Firefly users can printout hardcopy reports of any of their production runs. Firefly™ reports can be configured to include the level of detail a user desires. For example, in addition to prototype number, start date, completion date and quantity produced, a Production Run Report can be configured to show all subordinate prototypes, models, associated QA inspections performed, raw materials, sources, and the like.

Firefly™ allows users to see which production runs are still open and which have been closed at a glance. Users are required to log into the Firefly™ system, and access to and functionality of different functions of the program can be restricted based on the user access level.

Users can also define the level of quality assurance that best meets their requirements based on their own internal QA policy. Firefly™ further allows users to easily configure the program to handle their personnel's input.

Firefly™ allows input directly from the factory floor with easy to use input screens and includes barcode scanning capabilities. Firefly™ can be tailored by each manufacturer to match their own internal quality assurance program.

Firefly's easy-to-learn and use interface includes:


  • Prototype Records
  • Production Lot Management
  • Materials and Suppliers Tracking
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities
  • Track Shipments to Customers by Lot Number
  • Access Restrictions
  • and more ..


Complete and Flexible
Single User or Networked Versions


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