LBJ - a Friend in Deed


Directly above this paragraph is a single row two column table containing H2 text on the left and an image on the right. The text to the bottom right of this paragraph is contained in class "small alignright. All of these elements are contained in the division "textbox". Above the table is the drop navigation menu system containing four buttons. This navigation is driven by external CSS styling rules "dropnav". The division is identified as "navd". Both the drop navigation and the textbox are contained in a division labeled "wrapper' which is contained in the body element id: "home-page". The elements at the foot of the page have no special external styling rules and are simply contained in a standard generic "div" tag.

The graphic elements which comprise the active menu at the top of the page are driven by external CSSstyle sheet rules "bannernav". The division is identified as "navb". It is contained in the division "topzone" whose height is established at 91px. This determines where the wrapper element will begin to display so the the banner nav does not cover it up.


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